The Monitor

March 30, 2006|By MORNING CALL


What's the point? -- Whether ranting about politics, cremation or her neighbors, the 80-year-old sasspot who writes this blog curses like a sailor and tells it straight, throwing out modern slang as deftly as a teen. She's the saucy but wise ol' broad you see all the time in sitcoms, but never actually meet in real life. Unlike those dames on television, though, the Octogenarian is a person of depth and complexity, and she holds nothing back in her public diary.

What to look for --Her words carry the weight of one who's lived most of a century, and her memories are, at times, veritable gems of folk history. Where else can you get an account of the lost thrill of receiving a Western Union telegram, juxtaposed with tales of growing ganja on the front porch? Studs Terkel would love the Octogenarian, but so would Howard Stern.


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