March 29, 2006

We want your opinions


A growing number of female midshipmen at the Naval Academy believe students won't be resented if they report sexual misconduct, according to survey data released by the military college last week.

The survey revealed that 5 percent of female Mids who responded last fall said they believe those who report sexual harassment will be resented, a sharp decline from 66 percent in 2003.

But testimony in the recent Article 32 hearing for a senior midshipman charged with rape painted a different picture of the culture at the military college, with a friend of the alleged victim saying that women who report sexual assaults are "crucified" on the campus, mostly by peers.

The survey also found that fewer than half of the female midshipmen at the academy - 44 percent - believe that the school provides a positive environment for women.


Has the culture at the Naval Academy with regard to the reporting of sexual harassment and assault improved?

Tell us what you think at arundel.speakout@baltsun.com by tomorrow. Please keep your responses short, and include your name, address and phone number. A selection will be published Sunday.

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