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March 28, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Hello again from breezy Fort Lauderdale, where it's not a bad idea to keep a jacket in your car. It tends to get a bit chilly in the shade - proving once again that I'm not ready to go back to Maryland.

Miguel Tejada was much more animated yesterday, with constant chatter at shortstop during an infield drill and a definite bounce in his step. Manager Sam Perlozzo said he noticed that Tejada seemed a bit more lively Sunday, though it didn't carry into the game.

Tejada also was receptive to the idea of positioning himself more toward the middle, making it easier to reach balls hit to his left. And he did some extra work with hitting coach Terry Crowley.

Speaking of Crowley, I know some readers were questioning his motives when praising Corey Patterson. I don't believe he did so to make it easier for the Orioles to trade Patterson. Crowley isn't a man with an agenda. He sees changes in Patterson that leave him encouraged. That doesn't mean he's seeing a .300 hitter.

Meanwhile, Perlozzo addressed the team before yesterday's workout, letting everyone know that the losses don't necessarily bother him, but he expects the players to carry themselves better. And they need to turn up the effort.

"It wasn't a yell session," Perlozzo said, comparing it more to a state of the union address. No mention of the economy, however, though Melvin Mora would like to talk money.

Feel free to be encouraged by Mora's scheduled meeting Friday with owner Peter Angelos. I am. Something will get done. I just have a feeling. And so does at least one important person in the organization who noted that, when Angelos gets involved in something like this, it's usually a good sign.

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