March 25, 2006

Cowboys will regret having signed Owens

The T.O. clock is once again ticking.

Jerry Jones, the flamboyant Dallas Cowboys owner, obviously saw nothing but "ka-ching" when he signed Terrell Owens to a three-year deal. One thing is guaranteed: Owens will fill up the stadium at home and on the road.

Never mind that Owens dissed the Cowboys organization a few years ago by celebrating a touchdown in the middle of Texas Stadium in front of 60,000 blue-and-white faithful. However, history shows that some owners have no memory of the recent past (or no memory at all, perhaps).

Owens is a disturbed egomaniacal man-child who perceives his self-importance to pro football to somehow be above the game itself, and therein lies the crux of the problem.

The clock is ticking because it's only a matter of time until Owens brings chaos and disruption to his new team. Mr. Jones cannot be too bright; he had to at least think what kind of havoc this one-man sideshow could do to a respected organization such as the Cowboys.

Strap yourselves in, Cowboys faithful.

Tick ... tick ... tick ...

Patrick R. Lynch


It's time to respect the national anthem

The Orioles' 2006 season will soon begin, and I'd like to suggest a way to bring glory to the ballpark during our salute to Old Glory.

Isn't it time to put to rest the disrespectful "O" shout during the singing of the national anthem? In fact, why don't the sports and media communities get behind an effort to have fans actually sing the anthem?

In ours of all stadiums, just a few miles from the birthplace of the anthem, shouldn't we be proudly singing along?

And let's defuse the argument that people find the anthem difficult to sing. It's no more difficult to sing than pop tunes that you see people singing along to in their cars. And at the stadium, an off-key note will be covered by thousands of other voices.

I realize that our country stands divided at this time. What better antidote than to recount in song a time when we were united in purpose and stood firm in the face of attack by the mightiest nation on earth?

Tim Tinker


Orioles shouldn't just give in to Mora

I can't believe what I'm reading and hearing about Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora.

Recently, on a sports talk show, they said the Orioles should give him what he wants because he lives in Baltimore.

Now you read where he wants a three-year contract executed before the season opens. Sounds like crybaby Cal Ripken, who pouted during the season, and the Orioles finally gave in during the summer after he was over the hill.

Can't Mora, his agent and Orioles management have lunch one day during the season and resolve the issue?

Personally, I would give him a two-year contract (because of his age), with a good annual salary and incentives, where he could make more than he is asking, instead of just giving in to another greedy professional.

Tom Lawson


State athletes make impact outside Md.

In this year's NCAA basketball tournament, Maryland is only one of a very few states without a local entry. Many states have multiple entries.

Maryland has a rich basketball tradition, and many of our high school athletes are making an impact nationwide.

Ironically, if one would check the rosters, you would find many Maryland athletes making key contributions to NCAA contending teams.

What is wrong with this picture?

Iver Mindel


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