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March 23, 2006

12 Americans killed in Chile as bus plunges down mountain

SANTIAGO, Chile -- A bus carrying cruise ship tourists plunged 300 feet down a mountainside in northern Chile yesterday, killing 12 Americans, U.S. and Chilean officials said.

Two other Americans and two Chileans - the driver and the tour guide - were hospitalized in serious condition after the crash along a rugged highway near the Pacific port city of Arica, 1,250 miles north of Santiago, said Juan Carlos Poli, an Arica city hall spokesman.

The tourists were returning to Celebrity Cruises' ship Millennium, docked in Arica, from an excursion to nearby Lauca National Park when the crash occurred.

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British jurors hear of `dirty bomb' plot

LONDON -- A member of a gang of al-Qaida-linked terrorists plotting attacks on Britain tried to buy a radioactive "dirty bomb," a prosecutor told jurors hearing terrorism charges against seven men yesterday. Salahuddin Amin, 31, contacted an intermediary about buying a radioisotope bomb and was told that it could be supplied by Russian criminals based in Belgium, prosecutor David Waters said in London's Central Criminal Court. Waters said Amin was instructed to carry out negotiations by a man he had met at a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. Amin and six other Britons are accused of conspiring to cause explosions and drawing up a long list of potential targets, including the electricity network, a big London nightclub and a shopping mall.

Ecuador tries to curb free-trade protests

QUITO, Ecuador --Thousands of police and soldiers were deployed to clear blocked highways yesterday after the government declared a state of emergency in four provinces to curb Indian protests against a proposed free-trade deal with the United States. The measure announced late Tuesday suspends constitutional rights to public assembly and gives police and the military broad powers to impose curfews and make arrests.

2 arrested in attacks on hotels in Bolivia

LA PAZ, Bolivia --An American and his Uruguayan girlfriend were arrested yesterday after bombs severely damaged two hotels in Bolivia's capital, killing two people and injuring at least seven. Police said they think the two had "religious motives" and also planned to bomb the Chilean consulate in La Paz on Saturday.

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