Roch around the clock


March 20, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

I refuse to let a 3-1 loss to the Red Sox dampen my mood. The two-hour drive to Fort Lauderdale will take care of that chore.

The Orioles' only run came on a ninth-inning homer by Javy Lopez. He drove a pitch from Rudy Seanez, and some Red Sox fans sitting in front of me immediately started flipping through their programs so they'd know who was responsible for blowing the shutout.

Pitching coach Leo Mazzone has been working with Erik Bedard on speeding up the left-hander's tempo, and he attacked hitters today. By doing this, he also will keep his pitch count down. Bedard threw 61 pitches in five innings. Last season, that amounted to 2 1/3 innings.

Anyone who used to select 4 hours, 25 minutes in the time-of-game pool for Bedard's starts might want to go a little lower.

The Orioles have noticed that Bedard's command suffers when he slows down. We all suffer when he slows down. But he was outstanding today.

I chose not to ruin my good vibe by waiting near Bedard's locker after the game. Players were wolfing KFC as if it were their last meal. I didn't want to lose a finger.

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