Following the Wrights into the sky

Aviation exhibit lets visitor experience how two brother inventors found their wings

Object Lesson


The discoveries of the Wright brothers didn't just (pardon the pun) drop out of the sky. Anyone who doubts that progress happens one step at a time need look no further than The Birth of Aviation, an exhibit at the Maryland Science Center that puts you in the Wrights' cockpits as they carried out their high-risk mission to learn the scientific laws of flight and put them to use.

Along one wall, five wooden contraptions look part catapult and part chiropractor's table. These flight simulators replicate the succession of structures on which Orville and Wilbur lay between 1899 and 1905 as they aviated their way into history, one flawed yet visionary flight at a time.

THE BIRTH OF AVIATION / / Maryland Science Center, 601 Light St. / / Through April 30 / / 410-685-2370, or

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