Nighttime thoughts of boys and beasts


March 19, 2006|By TED KOOSER

Voices This fine poem by Rodney Torreson of Grand Rapids, Mich., looks into the world of boys arriving at the edge of manhood and compares their natural wildness to that of dogs, with whom they feel a kinship.

"On A Moonstruck Gravel Road"

The sheep-killing dogs saunter home, wool scraps in their teeth. From the den of the moon ancestral wolves howl their approval. The farm boys, asleep in their beds, live the same wildness under their lids; every morning they come back through the whites of their eyes to do their chores, their hands pausing to pet the dog, to press its ears back, over the skull, to quiet that other world.

Ted Kooser is U.S. poet laureate. From "A Breathable Light," New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2002, and first published in Sou'wester. Copyright 2002 by Rodney Torreson and reprinted by permission of the author.

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