Endangered species

March 19, 2006

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has identified eight current and historical rare, threatened and endangered species of animals in Howard County.

Listed by their scientific and common names, they are:

Etheostoma vitreum, or glassy darter, a member of the perch family that is endangered in Maryland, although it is secure in its range globally.

Gallinula chloropus, or common moorhen, a duck-like bird that the state considers likely to become extirpated, although it is secure in other parts of its range.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus, or bald eagle, the national bird remains uncommon in Maryland.

Percina notogramma, or stripeback darter, another member of the perch family, a rare and endangered species in Maryland.

Porzana carolina, or sora, a small bird of a migratory species rare in Maryland. It lives in freshwater marshes.

Speyeria idalia, or regal fritillary, a large orange butterfly that prefers wet meadows. The state classifies this as an endangered extirpated species, which was once a viable component of the flora or fauna of Maryland but for which no naturally occurring populations are known to exist now. Globally it is also threatened with extinction.

Spiza americana, or dickcissel, a stocky sparrow-sized bird of a migratory species. It is rare and imperiled in Maryland.

Stygobromus pizzinii, or Pizzini's amphipod, a freshwater crustacean that is extremely rare in Maryland and vulnerable to extirpation.

Maryland considers 79 species of animals to be endangered, 20 species to be threatened, 29 species to be in need of conservation and 24 historically observed species to have been extirpated from the state, according to the department.

For more details on endangered species, go to www.dnr.state.md.us/wildlife/rteanimals.asp.

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