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The Kickoff

March 17, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

There are lots of things at spring training sites that you won't find in the majors, such as beer vendors still hawking their product with two outs in the ninth inning. When a Cardinals batter walked, I was looking for the tequila shots. And when Eddy Rodriguez got two strikes on the last batter, it was time to chug.

Former Oriole Deivi Cruz moved from first base to third in the late innings, a good move by Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa if Cruz were 7 foot 2.

Catcher Brian Bock chopped a bases-loaded single over Cruz's head in the ninth inning, scoring two runs and giving the Orioles a 4-2 victory yesterday. ...

Cory Morris relieved Eric DuBose and tossed three hitless innings, a walk his only mistake. Sam Perlozzo and Leo Mazzone discussed how Morris' breaking ball was too big in his last appearance, and Mazzone worked with the right-hander on the side between outings.

I'm heading back to Lauderdale, and hoping the airport has my security pass so I can pick up my daughter at the gate. If not, you'll be seeing me on the late news, and it won't be good.

I'll send a few entries tomorrow, but there won't be the same game updates. I want to keep most of my focus on my precious angel. And I don't mean John Halama, who starts for the Orioles against the Washington Nationals.

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