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March 16, 2006

What do you think of the Ravens' free-agent moves so far?

Carbon-copy running backs, reactionary signings on the defensive line, no help at quarterback, defensive backfield or offensive line. Has Ozzie been talking to the Orioles' front office?

William T. Define



It's obvious the Ravens have been overwhelmed at the money thrown at serviceable, but hardly Pro Bowl-caliber players, but I am underwhelmed at their response. They plugged the holes with aging veterans, failed to land an offensive lineman and re-signed a running back who admittedly dogged it last year.

Fran Vojik

Glen Burnie

Well, it looks like another year of "Billick's Brand of Boring Ball." They remind me of when I had Colts season tickets and took the paper to read during the game. They know that having a captive audience due to the PSLs that the fans have to take what they put out. I'm glad I learned a long time ago not to waste money on them.

Joe Heldmann



Are you taking time away from work to watch the NCAA tournament?

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