The Kickoff

March 14, 2006|By DAVID STEELE

Man, I'm feeling way out of the mainstream. I see that Maryland got left out of the NCAA tournament so that the second-place team in the Mountain West could get a berth, and I think that's wrong. I see that Jamal Lewis re-signs with the Ravens, and I think that's good. And nobody agrees with me. I'm hurt. Of course, I loved Arrested Development and can't stand American Idol. Maybe I'm just antisocial.

The bizarre picks in the field of 65 is a bigger issue than Maryland. I get the sense that around here, people have overdosed on Maryland so much that they focus solely on how disappointing and underwhelming the Terps have been, don't have them in any perspective with the rest of the country - which, I have to repeat once again, ain't all that impressive - and automatically believe that there have to be 34 at-large teams more deserving than those clowns that got smoked by BC.

Actually, there probably are 34 at-large teams more deserving, except that a bunch of them didn't get in the field, either. Cincinnati deserved it more. So did Florida State. So did Hofstra.

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