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March 12, 2006

ISSUE: On Tuesday, the Harford County Council let stand County Executive David R. Craig's veto of the contentious comprehensive rezoning bill, despite expressing uncertainty about the how the county will move forward on the issue. Under zoning code guidelines, the veto washes away the past 15 months of planning, said Council President Robert S. Wagner. The rezoning process would have to be restarted from the beginning.

Administration officials are hopeful that a change in the zoning code will allow the county executive and council to negotiate a compromise using the applications and testimony submitted during the current rezoning process.

Craig has said he would like to see a new bill that grants less new development along Route 22 or outside of the county's designated growth area.

Despite their 5-1 vote in favor of the rezoning bill last month after making more than 50 changes to the package, three of the six voting council members expressed a willingness to work with Craig and voted to uphold the veto.


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