5-year pension search ends well


Paul Horowitz's five-year search is over, and he's a little bit richer for it.

Readers might remember Horowitz, a former New York deli worker featured in a December article about how to find a lost pension.

He had been a member of a union for 19 years until his delicatessen closed in 1980. He moved on. But his union reminded him to get in touch once he turned 65 to collect a small pension.

Over the years, Horowitz lost track of his union, which was absorbed by another. He left New York for Baltimore. By the time he became eligible for benefits, he couldn't find his pension.

That was five years ago. With the help of a Sun librarian late last year, the 70-year-old cook got two possible leads on his old union.

Horowitz followed up on both and last week received word that his benefits had been found.

He was given two choices: collecting $51 a month for the rest of his life or taking back benefits worth $2,600 plus $35 a month for life.

"I'll take my $2,600 retroactive," says a happy Horowitz. "I'm going to take my wife away. She's talking about going to California."

Eileen Ambrose

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