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March 11, 2006


Ports deal backlash feared

President Bush, who lost a power struggle with Congress over a Dubai company's bid to buy into terminals at some U.S. ports, including Baltimore's, said yesterday that he is concerned that backlash against the deal could undercut his administration's efforts to fight terrorism. pg 1a

NASA probe orbiting Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter safely entered orbit around the red planet for a planned two-year mission to monitor Martian weather, look for signs of life and find potential landing sites for manned missions. pg 3a


Dutch go light on terrorists

A Dutch court convicted nine members of an Islamic extremist cell on terrorism charges, but the relatively light sentences and acquittals of five other suspects revealed continuing legal obstacles to fighting terrorism in the Netherlands. pg 7a


Lawmakers blame Ehrlich

Lawmakers said yesterday that the state agency that regulates utility companies is ill-equipped to protect consumers from a large electricity rate increase because of staff changes made by Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and his allies in pursuit of a pro-business agenda. pg 1b

Jessamy vents anger

State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy continued yesterday to criticize two City Council members who stormed out on her at a budget hearing this week and, in her strongest words yet, attempted to tie the incident to Mayor Martin O'Malley. pg 3b

BGE gets competition

In the first sign of competition underpricing Baltimore Gas and Electric, Washington Gas Energy Services Inc. said yesterday it would offer electricity for about $6 a month less than BGE will charge when its rates become unfrozen in July. But even if others enter the market, according to those in the industry, no one is likely to offer prices close to those BGE, which had its rates capped six years ago, is charging currently. pg 1a


Source: Ravens ready for James

If the Ravens can't make progress in contract negotiations with running backs Jamal Lewis or Chester Taylor, a league source said the team is prepared to pursue the Indianapolis Colts' Edgerrin James, the top running back available. pg 1c


Mr. Boh feeling quite natty

Even though he is nearing 80, and National Bohemian hasn't been brewed in Baltimore for 26 years, Mr. Boh is enjoying a resurgence. His likeness is popping up all over. pg 1a

Classical music abounds

For great classical music, look beyond the Meyerhoff to smaller venues where you'll find terrific performances at bargain prices. pg 1d














Quote Of the day

"There was Mr. Boh, with the one eye, and the hyphens coming out of the eye going into the bottle of National Bohemian, and the words, `Oh boy, what a beer.'"

Bill Costello, former National Bohemian employee, on the resurgence of the eye-catching logo. Article, PG 1A

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