DNR won't pursue charges in deaths of snow geese

March 10, 2006|By MELISSA HARRIS

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will not pursue hunting-related charges in the deaths and dumping of about two dozen snow geese found near a Columbia playground this month, Sgt. Ken Turner said yesterday.

Turner said that snow goose hunting season ended Feb. 25 and that his agency had no evidence that the birds, were "killed illegally" or after that date. The birds were found March 2, and their deaths first reported in the Columbia Flier.

Turner said that any law enforcement agency, including his own, could pursue illegal dumping - or littering - charges in the case, but that his agency would not do so.

Turner said that the birds had been shot and some of their breasts removed, apparently for food. The birds fly from Canada to Maryland's Eastern Shore every fall. They are subject to loose hunting restrictions - 15 per day per hunter - because the population has tripled during the past 20 years, according to a Canadian government Web site.

Turner said that it appears that a local hunter brought the birds home from the Eastern Shore and then dumped them.

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