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March 09, 2006

With the latest revelations about Barry Bonds, do you think he should be voted into the Hall of Fame when he's up for election?

No. Put Bonds in a padded room with Pete Rose and let them both duke it out to determine which of these jerks was more detrimental to the name of major league baseball.

Patrick Lynch


If there is evidence of his taking these growth hormones, he should be banned from baseball. Cheating is cheating. Bonds enjoyed the "easy" way of achieving the desired effect. He is lazy and selfish for it.

Michael R. Wilson


MLB has known about steroids and performance-enhancing drugs since the 1970s. It's easy to see that they turned their backs, just like a big company making billions and millions and firing the whistleblower.

Stephen Johnson



Are you rooting for Orioles players to perform well in games against the United States in the World Baseball Classic?

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