Flatiron steak: flavorful, tender

Burning Questions


What is a flatiron steak? We had one on vacation and loved it.

According to the exceedingly helpful glossary maintained by Hormel Foods on its Web site, hormel.com, the flatiron steak "consists of the meat just above the shoulder blade. The cut has two halves that are separated by a thin section of tough gristle running lengthwise through the meat. The flatiron steak is flavorful, well marbled and reasonably tender."

For many, the steak's shape resembles a flatiron (or at least Manhattan's Flatiron Building), but, as with most steaks, it is known by many names, among them flatiron roast, shoulder top blade steak, chicken steak, petite steak, butler steak, lifter steak, book steak, top boneless chuck, chuck clod top blade, lifter roast and triangle roast.

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