Q&A with David Steele

Sun columnist answers questions from Sports Direct subscribers


John , Rehoboth Beach, Del.: Dave, what's the story with Charlie Taaffe? Leaving so late after the end of the season makes me think that the Fridge and Taaffe had some heated words, etc.

David Steele: If there was acrimony between Ralph Friedgen and Charlie Taaffe, they kept it close to the vest. And it still is a mystery because (a) Taaffe hasn't taken another job, which both he and Friedgen implied would happen eventually, and (b) the quarterback situation was about to upgrade (supposedly) with the transfer of Josh Portis from Florida. Still, the offensive inconsistency the last two years has been perplexing, and with the fact that Maryland hasn't replaced Taaffe yet, it may all indicate that Friedgen is taking a more active role in the offense now. Spring practice starts in less than a month. Keep watching.

Marc, Windsor Mill: What team do you think Ray Lewis will be traded to? After this year without him do you think we really need him?

David Steele: I'll answer that second question first. It's easy to say this team doesn't need Ray Lewis after Bart Scott and Tommy Polley filled in so well for him last season, and with the Ravens still finishing high in the defensive rankings. But both linebackers are free agents; Polley might not come back, and it's no sure thing that the Ravens will be able to fight off the likely demand for Scott in the open market -- or whether they're willing to if he gets a good offer. Outside of all that, though, if Lewis is healthy next season but flat-out doesn't want to be here, he'll be more of a detriment than a help.

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