March 05, 2006

Scouts thank donors for dinner dance

Girl Scout Troop 910 in the Freedom District wants to thank the following merchants for their generous contributions to the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance:

McDonald's, A Final Touch, Martin's, Safeway of Eldersburg, Truck Outfitters, LT Engineering, K Bank, Mr. Tire, Wal-Mart of Eldersburg, Master Tech Automotive, Rebecca Wisner-Henn Baskets, Claire Wink, Edy's Ice Cream and the Legget Family, Denise Mears of Creative Memories, Second Floor Scrapbook Store, Pizza Hut of Eldersburg and Domino's of Eldersburg.

A special thank you to those who attended and to Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church for supplying an alternative site once the Feb. 11 snowfall made it necessary to reschedule.

To learn more about Girl Scouts in the Freedom District, contact the Service Unit at o6gscmsu65@yahoo.com.

Kathy Gilbert


County should build schools, not cut taxes

Over half the county's budget goes directly to our K-12 public schools system. For years, the state of Maryland has shortchanged the construction budget for building new schools.

Everybody in the state knows the funding program is broken. The legislature made matters worse by creating an unfunded mandate for all-day kindergarten and smaller elementary school class sizes.

We need to build more schools in Carroll County and get our kids out of these permanent temporary classrooms. Since this money is not coming from the state, it has to come from the county. If our state elected officials cut property taxes in Carroll County, education will suffer.

I was surprised to read about Del. Tanya Shewell's interest in improving retirement for teachers.

There are two things Delegate Shewell should tell the voters. One, that her husband is a teacher. Two, where does she think the county will find the money to build the new schools it needs to accommodate the laws she voted for and give her husband a better retirement plan at the same time?

This is the worst sort of election year pandering. Everyone wants to talk about lowering taxes but nobody wants to talk about how to pay for new schools and better benefits for teachers. The county commissioners have a capital plan that builds the schools we need while keeping the budget balanced.

The state budget is in the red next year despite record tax revenues. At least in the county we know we can see where our money is going.

Our state officials should be concerned about education, particularly math. Cutting taxes when we need to build more schools and pay our teachers better just doesn't add up.

Jamie L. Haines


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