March 04, 2006

Autistic student provides inspiration

Last Saturday I was sitting in the women's meeting room at the Johns Hopkins University athletic center, which serves as the ticket manager's office during the lacrosse season, when the women's lacrosse coach walked in and asked if she could bring her girls in to view a very short computer video.

Her girls filed into the room. What was the two-minute video she wanted them to see? It was a tape of Jason McElwain, the autistic high school senior from Greece, N.Y., who served as his team's student-manager.

You know the story. His coach decided to let him suit up for the last game and put him in the game for the last four minutes. He made six three-pointers and scored 20 points in those last four minutes.

The Hopkins women's lacrosse coach used that brief tape as a motivational tool, telling her players to take whatever message they received and carry it with them onto the lacrosse field.

What a wonderful gesture.

Jim Royer


In-season Classic won't fly with MLB

I have to disagree with Peter Schmuck's column on Wednesday about the World Baseball Classic ["In-season Classic would be a world of baseball fun"].

I think that the Classic should be played in January or early February before spring training, not in the middle of the season as he suggested.

The owners are not going to give up some revenue dates during the season. They would probably extend the season if they take Schmuck's suggestion.

The season is already long enough as it is and does not need to be extended further into November. A nice idea, but I don't think it is feasible.

The owners would never go for losing that midseason revenue.

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

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