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March 04, 2006


Detainees' names released

After four years of secrecy, the Pentagon handed over documents that contain the names of detainees held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay. pg 1a

Cunningham to serve time

A judge rejected Randall Cunningham's tearful bid for mercy and sentenced the war hero and disgraced former congressman to eight years, four months in federal prison for bribery. pg 3a


Maryland women top Ga. Tech

The third-seeded Maryland women's basketball team was lackadaisical through much of an Atlantic Coast Conference tournament quarterfinal meeting with 11th-seeded Georgia Tech before waking up and escaping with a 71-66 win. pg 1c


Firm close to Dixon in trouble

Baltimore's minority business office has ruled that a company employing the sister of City Council President Sheila Dixon is no more than a telephone and a mailbox, and should be expelled from the city government's minority subcontracting program. pg 1a

BlackBerry to settle dispute

Research In Motion Ltd., the maker of BlackBerries, said yesterday that it settled its long-running patent dispute with Virginia firm NTP Inc. by promising to pay NTP $612.5 million in a full and final settlement of all claims, heading off a shutdown of the popular wireless e-mail service in the United States. pg 1a

Northwest, pilots reach deal

Pilots reached a tentative pay-cut deal with Northwest Airlines Corp. yesterday, a major step toward ending a showdown that put the bankrupt airline's future in doubt. Northwest said it will get the $358 million in savings it sought if union members approve the pact. pg 12c


Russia warns Hamas on Israel

The leaders of Hamas, the radical Islamic group that won control of the Palestinian government, began a high-profile, three-day visit to Russia by praising President Vladimir V. Putin for inviting them, only to receive a pointed warning that the organization had to recognize Israel and dismantle its militias or face isolation and even irrelevancy. pg 7a

Bush's visits send two messages

President Bush left New Delhi, declaring that "the United States and India had put the Cold War behind us." He then flew to Pakistan, landing with Air Force One's running lights darkened, in a clear sign that the war on terrorism was in full swing. pg 7a


Creating custom-made teams

If you're tired of second-guessing the managers of your favorite sports team, try taking control of the players yourself in a fantasy sports league. pg 1d














Quote Of the day

"You guys've made this so special. The support of the town is unbelievable. I don't think I could've done anything without you guys."

Figure skater Kimmie Meissner, at a parade in Bel Air thrown in her honor Article, PG 3b

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