Movie snacks consume tubs o' cash



Tell me something: When did it become necessary to rob a convenience store in order to afford snacks at the movies?

A small popcorn is now $5.50?

A small soda is $4.25?

A small candy is $2.75?

On top of 9 bucks for a ticket?

On second thought, knocking over a 7-Eleven or High's might not be enough.

You may need to get in on a casino heist in Atlantic City.

Nevertheless, those were some of the snack prices at the Regal Cinemas Hunt Valley Stadium 12 recently when we went to see Firewall with Harrison Ford. (Save your money, it's a dog. Roger Ebert gave it a "Thumbs Up." But this must have been after many, many cocktails.)

The rest of the prices on the signboard were equally breathtaking.

A large popcorn - the familiar Tub o' Corn - cost $6.50. Nachos were $6.

A cinna-pretzel was $5.50 and a large soda, which now comes in a container the size of an above-ground pool, was $5.25.

The boxes of candy were displayed under glass like the jewelry at Tiffany's, and at $3.75 for a large, I said to the kid behind the counter: "I'd like to see something in a Twizzlers ..."

Here is what constitutes a "deal" at a movie snack counter these days: Regal was offering a package of two large popcorns, four medium soft drinks and two free large candies.


Except the whole "deal" cost $31.

Now add the price of tickets for a family of four and you're looking at nearly 70 bucks before you even take your seats.

It better be a great movie.

Or, if you're like me, you'll really be ticked at Roger Ebert.

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