`Aquamarine' has girl power


Aquamarine will separate the world into two camps: Fourteen-year-old girls who will love it, and everyone else, all of whom will realize this is a movie only 14-year-old girls can love.

The story of two best friends who help a mermaid find true love, Aquamarine exhibits a welcome empathy for adolescent girls and an understanding of how they interact. It also understands - in ways that its target audience may not - that there's a difference between what is important (friendship, self-confidence, altruism) and what seems important (puppy love, trendiness, running with the pack). True, the movie seems more concerned with maintaining its genial, lighthearted tone than with telling a good story. But for a film geared so specifically at the pre-teen set, there are certainly worse sins.

Aquamarine (20th Century Fox) Starring Emma Roberts, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque, Sara Paxton. Directed by Elizabeth Allen. Rated PG. Time 100 minutes.

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