Teen is faulted in friend's death

15-year-old found responsible in Aug. 2 accidental shooting in Annapolis' Robinwood area


A 15-year-old boy yesterday was found to be responsible for what an Anne Arundel County judge ruled was the accidental shooting last year of a 20-year-old friend in Annapolis' troubled Robinwood neighborhood.

Circuit Judge Nancy Davis-Loomis ruled that the youth, who lived in a nearby public housing community and has been in trouble since he was 12, committed the juvenile court equivalent of involuntary manslaughter, a handgun violation and a lesser crime in the Aug. 2 death of Temont "Tay Tay" Fisher, 20, of Annapolis.

Fisher brought the youth, two other friends from Annapolis and a backpack of guns to avenge a robbery, city police said. Fisher had a previous drug conviction, court records say.

The Sun does not publish the names of juvenile offenders.

The prosecution's case relied on the testimony of the two other friends, who Assistant State's Attorney Sandra Foy Howell said were reluctant witnesses.

Keith "Relly" Cornish, 28, had told police that he saw the youth playing with the gun but testified that he didn't see what happened. Clarence "Stutterbox" Wright, 19, came to court only after the judge issued a warrant jailing him until he testified.

Assistant public defender Kimber Lee Davis argued that the two witnesses were not believable, but the judge found Cornish's written account and Wright's testimony credible.

"I heard a boom and I saw a flash to the right," Wright testified, noting that that was where the youth had been.

He said he saw Fisher fall, get up and take a few more steps before falling again, blood spurting from his neck.

An assistant medical examiner said the shot clipped Fisher's carotid artery.

Police said that up to 150 people poured into Robinwood's main street to see what was going on.

The judge can order the youth committed to a residential facility until he turns 21. That hearing is set for next week. The youth has a commitment pending on unrelated crimes.


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