Parents' Guide

February 17, 2006|By ORLANDO SENTINEL


What it's about -- An Antarctic guide and dog musher struggles to go back to rescue the dogs he left behind, and the abandoned sled dogs struggle to survive until he does.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Dogs, dogs and more dogs.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- You keep promises, even the ones you make to your dogs.

Violence -- A leopard seal attack, dog injuries and deaths.

Language -- Very clean.

Sex -- A little flirtation.

Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- Tame Disney treatment of a life-or-death story involving animals. Don't let your youngest go unless you want to explain what happens to some of the dogs.


Rating -- R for strong horror violence/gore, language and some nudity.

What it's about -- Teen experiences a premonition about that roller coaster she's about to ride, and avoids death. For now.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Gruesome, untimely teen deaths, a roller coaster.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Adults are worthless when it comes to cheating death's grand design. The Internet's better for finding situations like your own that you can learn from.

Violence -- Certainly.

Language -- Profane.

Sex -- Nudity.

Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- This one has it all - violence, cursing and topless teens.

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