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February 07, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

I have zero interest in the Winter Olympics, as usual. I know that opinion puts me in the minority, but I'd rather watch David Wells undergo a prostate exam than one minute of the luge competition. Guess it's just the baseball writer in me.

As a University of Maryland graduate, I'm growing a little concerned about the length of time it could take Gary Williams to obtain another victory and pass Lefty Driesell. How long until Athletes in Action appear on the schedule again?

The Seahawks must still be wondering how they lost this game after dominating the first half. But isn't that always the case when a team piles up huge stats and doesn't build a big lead? It always ends up losing. I've seen it happen countless times. And Joey Porter shouldn't have any gripes with the officiating in this one. The Steelers got all the breaks.

Now we can finally end all the nonsense about Bill Cowher's inability to win the big game. There are a lot of big ones played if your team is going deep into the postseason, or even qualifying, and Cowher has done it plenty of times. But now he can drown out his critics by holding the Lombardi Trophy to his ear.

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