Harford History

February 05, 2006

Henry Harford's last child

On Feb. 4, 1814, Emily Harford was born to Henry and Esther Ryecroft Harford.

She was the last of Henry's children to be born. By 1814, Henry Harford was an extremely wealthy man, and Esther grew up on a country estate in England. Down Place was just outside Windsor near the Thames River among fields, outbuildings and Roman ruins.

The Harford children led a life of privilege with dozens of servants amid a busy household with eight other siblings. The family also maintained a home in London on New Cavendish Street.

Upon Henry Harford's death in 1834, Emily was left 3,000 pounds by her father. Though a considerable fortune at the time, much of Harford's estate had dwindled as a result of his legal expenses. Henry Harford had spent nearly a decade proving his status as the sixth and last Proprietor of Maryland.

Harford County, founded in 1773, continues to bear his name.

[Source: Henry Harford: Last Proprietor of Maryland by Vera A. Foster Rollo, 1976. Research by Harford County Public Library.]

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