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So Miguel Tejada still wants to leave, and only one current Oriole shows up for Elrod Hendricks' memorial service. Wonderful. It's never been a better time to be an Orioles fan. Really, how can only one current player, Melvin Mora, attend the service? No pitchers? That's shameful. Maybe a few of them no longer have a drivers license, but how hard is it to bum a ride off somebody? Ray Miller had major heart surgery, and he was there. Of course, few people are as grizzled as Miller. He would have gotten off the operating table to counsel one of his relievers, black coffee in hand.

Back to Tejada: The Red Sox rumors are flying, but I don't see how the Orioles could consider any trade that brings in Manny Ramirez unless they want to go through this same drama next winter. Manny will be happy for one season and then decide that he needs to play somewhere else. Probably right around the time he's booed again for charging a fly ball that hits the top of the left-field fence.

Then again, maybe the Orioles could just rent star players for one year. That's what they ended up doing with Sammy Sosa. Bring in Manny in 2006, Nomar in 2007, Pedro in '08. Maybe we're on to something here. Should make it easier to come up with media guide covers.

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