A stylish snow gauge

December 31, 2005|By HARTFORD COURANT

It is the essential winter conversation, and one that will dominate the next few months: How much snow did you get? There is a reliable way to answer that question: a device called a snow gauge.

Gardener's Supply Co. offers a snow gauge that looks more like a lawn sculpture than a measuring device, but its stylish copper numerals are large, readable and measure up to 2 feet of snow. (The Vermont-based company also markets a 4-foot snow gauge, but we won't go there.) The numerals over time will acquire the classic greenish patina of aging copper.

Other snow gauges we found take a more scientific approach and have a more utilitarian appearance, with "catchment" containers and "collected precipitation," but we like the fun models, and one Web site, fami liesonlinemagazine.com, offers instructions on how to make your own simple snow gauge.

Even for a task as unambitious as shoveling out the car, it's nice to know what you're up against.

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