They said it

December 30, 2005

"I told my mom that I wanted to make history in college. I made it a little bit. I wanted to leave and have everybody remember my name. I've worked hard on and off the field to try and get where I want to get."

Laurence Maroney

University of Minnesota running back

"You think you've got a guy down, and he throws it 40 yards across the field, and you have to run that far. It's kind of a pain in the butt."

Corey McKeon

Nebraska linebacker, on the wild, lateral-filled last play of the Alamo Bowl

"He flows to the ball. It's almost like he's got some kind of voodoo magic or something."

Darius Walker

Notre Dame running back, on Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk, whom he will face in the Fiesta Bowl

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