The Kickoff

December 28, 2005

GOOD MORNING -- Jeromy Burnitz --Good for 100-plus strikeouts a year, you should make it breezier at Camden Yards.

Question of the day

Has Kyle Boller earned the Ravens' starting quarterback job for 2006?

After this miraculous turnaround, Boller has to be on next year's short list of quarterback candidates. Admit it, you had a side dish of crow with this year's holiday meal, too, huh?

Michael S. Herman Sr.


Wait a minute, isn't this the quarterback picked 19th three drafts ago? You mean to tell me that all a Ravens fan needs is a two-game winning streak where the QB does his job? No, he has not earned the starting job.

Troy Bryant


Two to three games don't make Kyle Boller a great quarterback. The Ravens need to get a free-agent veteran quarterback and pick a decent one from the draft. Let them compete for the job.

Gerald A. Yamin



Do you watch most of the college bowl games or just wait for the national championship?

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