Esthetician faces full schedule with a smile

At Work


Susie O'Neill


About Faces Day Spa and Salon, The Shops at Kenilworth, Towson

Age --44

Years in business --16

Salary --About $40,000. O'Neill is paid on commission, getting 50 percent of the cost of the service plus tips.

How she started --After working as a makeup artist for different cosmetic companies several years ago, O'Neill decided to get her esthetician license. At the time, the license required 400 hours of training and an exam. She began working for About Faces 15 years ago, about one year after getting her license.

Typical day --O'Neill is a skin-care specialist. She works three 10-hour days with as many as 20 to 25 clients a day. She said the job is almost like running her own business because she must build up her client base. "My clients come to see me. Being here for so long, you get to know your customers. Every day is different, and that's what I like." O'Neill starts by getting a schedule of clients for the day. Appointments for waxing typically run 15 minutes, while facials can last about one hour. Most of her business is waxing and facials, but she also will do makeup and brow and lash tinting.

The good --"The relationships I have with my clients. It's not really work, it's more like having fun."

The bad --"The stress of staying on time. When you have 15-minute appointments and someone comes in 10 minutes late, it pushes you. I will use my lunch sometimes to catch up on my schedule."

Working with clients --O'Neill said for the most part, the day spa and salon is a fun place to work. "People come in and you make them feel good here. You relax them. It's not like going to the dentist."

Her specialty --Brow waxing.

The pain of waxing --"Being quick is the best method." Applying pressure, a little tap on the area or a cold compress also helps to relieve pain.

On standing all day --"It can get a little rough. For a facial, I will lower the table and sit. But if it's a day where I'm waxing, I'm on my feet all day."

Philosophy --"Try to keep a good attitude."

Extracurriculars --Horseback riding.

Nancy Jones-Bonbrest Special to The Sun

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