Other Notable Deaths


December 26, 2005

Dr. Heinrich Gross, 90, a psychiatrist who worked at a clinic where the Nazis killed and conducted experiments on thousands of children, died Dec. 15, his family announced in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Gross, who was implicated in nine deaths as part of a Nazi plot to eliminate "worthless lives," had escaped trial in March after a court ruled he suffered from severe dementia.

He was a leading doctor in Vienna's infamous Am Spiegelgrund clinic. Historians and survivors of the clinic had accused him of killing or taking part in the clinic's experiments on thousands of children deemed by the Nazis to be physically, mentally or otherwise unfit for Adolf Hitler's vision of a perfect world.

Dr. Gross proclaimed his innocence for decades, insisting he had not been present at the hospital at the time in the 1940s when most of the children were killed. He was put on trial three times, but all the cases were dismissed.

Charles F. Cummings, 68, the historian of Newark, N.J., died Wednesday at a Newark hospital after heart surgery.

Associated with the Newark Public Library since 1963, Mr. Cummings was the assistant director for special collections.

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