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December 25, 2005|By ROCH KUBATKO

I got tired of standing under the mistletoe for hours. Can't anyone take a hint?

I see there's quite a debate raging about whether the Orioles should include Erik Bedard in any trade. Some fans think he should be untouchable. The whole point of stockpiling young arms in the system, which the Orioles have been trying to do for years, was so they could relinquish a few of these studs in trades in exchange for established players. They needed the depth first. Losing Bedard wouldn't deplete the system. Not anymore.

Don't look to just give the guy away, and please don't dangle him for Jason Grimsley, but as long as there's a Cabrera and a Penn and a Loewen and a Johnson and a Finch and a Liz and an Olson ... well, you get the point. In the right deal, Bedard is expendable.

By the way, for you Orioles Hangout fanatics who live and breathe this stuff, yes, I've heard that at least four players the Orioles were going to strongly pursue raised red flags because of their medical records, leaving the front office to look elsewhere. Kevin Millwood is one. Frank Thomas is another. I'll throw out one more name: Braden Looper.

Happy holidays.

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