December 25, 2005

Detectives Ray Laslett and Mark Luther Hughes


Both work as detectives in the Baltimore Police Department's homicide unit, which investigates suspicious deaths, including kidnappings and other high-profile crimes.

In the news

They took the lead in arresting a suspect last week in a series of murders, assaults and a rape of mostly elderly residents on the city's west and northwest sides that started in 1999.

Career highlights

Laslett, 45, joined the Police Department 23 years ago. He started in patrol in the Northwest District, where he spent 13 years. He has been in the homicide unit since 1996. Hughes, 41, joined the police force 20 years ago and started in patrol in the Western District, near the neighborhood where he grew up. He has been in the homicide unit for nine years.


Laslett grew up in Lutherville and graduated from Pikesville High School in 1978. He attended then-Towson State, majoring in law enforcement. He is married with three children and lives in Carroll County. Hughes grew up off Edmondson Avenue in West Baltimore and graduated from Carver Vocational High School in 1982. He lives in Baltimore County with his family.


Laslett: "We're very patient. In this job, it takes patience to get a successful outcome for closure for families."

Hughes: "We work behind the scenes. We're not flashy, and I live my life the same way off the job. I enjoy my life to the fullest."

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