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December 25, 2005

ISSUE: -- A debate has arisen about what some call the troubling secularization of Christmas with the use of terms such as "holiday tree" instead of "Christmas tree," and the greeting "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." Others say such concerns are an overreaction and that Christmas is alive and well no matter what phraseology comes into vogue. Do you favor "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" and why?

Celebrate it -- or just eliminate it

It doesn't have to say "Merry" but it definitely should include "Christmas." In fact "Blessed" would be better. If our country has slipped to the point to be ashamed of the name "Christmas" then we should just eliminate the whole festivity completely. How those same stores would complain then when they lose their huge profits they readily accept at this time we Christians have loved for centuries. If my birthday was being honored and the host whispered "Don't mention his name," what good would the honor be?

Bual J. Holbrook Bel Air

Forget the glitz, remember reason

Two thousand plus years ago a child was born in a manger. His mission was to redeem humankind from a bad fruit selection on the part of his primal progenitors. Since then his birth has been commemorated by gift giving as per example set by three wandering middle eastern potentates following a star.

It is his gift of human redemption that we worship on Christmas. Despite the hype and the glitz and the bling attached to the Holy Night, what it was all about in the beginning was a baby born to a couple for whom there was no room at the inn.

Ingrid Holt Bel Air

Keep Christ in Christmas

Christ should remain in Christmas. We were settled by the Pilgrims who came here seeking freedom of religion. This means freedom for all. If you are offended by Christmas you will just have to get over it.

John Breymaier Forest Hill

It's ridiculous to take offense

I favor "Merry Christmas" because I'm a Christian. I think it's ridiculous that some people take it offensively when they hear "Merry Christmas" when they are of another religion. The majority of people celebrate Christmas, so that's what the majority of people say to one another. I think saying "happy holidays" is nice for public speaking or something like that, but saying holiday tree instead of Christmas tree? What's with that? Are trees used in any other holiday? I really don't think so.

Scott Gunnarson Fallston

Call Christmas by its proper name

I believe Merry Christmas is how it should be said. The holiday is Christmas. It's not just another holiday. Happy Holidays is too broad a category. We don't say Happy Holidays on any other special religious holidays. We say "Happy" or "Merry," then the holiday. Christmas is a holiday about the birth of Christ. It should always be like that.

Marc Donars Joppa

`Holiday' isn't free of religion, either

I think "Happy Holidays" is nice and all, but I favor "Merry Christmas" more. I use "Merry Christmas" because I grew up with the saying "Merry Christmas" and my family uses it. Also, the people that want to use "Happy Holidays" or "Holiday Tree," just remember that "Holiday" means Holy Day. So either way, you're still using Christ no matter what way you call your tree or say your season greeting!

James Turek Forest Hill

Boycott could help protect Christmas

It is no secret there is a group trying to get God and Christmas out of our country. I'm 78 years old and have lived through many things including the Depression, lucky to get one gift for Christmas. But this is the worst thing. Yes it matters to me, it used to be such a jolly time wishing "Merry Christmas." Holiday means nothing, we could be just going away on a trip. Eight-five percent of this country is Christian. If we boycott the stores, too late this year but next year who will not use "Merry Christmas" they will lose millions and change their tune. It won't hurt us Christians. We can still give one gift each and have our regular celebrations at home and church remembering whose birthday it really is.

Betty R. Kruczynski Aberdeen

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