Letters to the Editor


December 25, 2005

There is too much congestion already

Kudos to Katherine Taylor. After so many years of the developers having their way with "asphalt" east Howard County, we finally have someone on the side of the established neighborhoods and the residents of the county and not the deep pockets of the greedy developers.

The Braun property is at the intersection of Route 100 and 103 (Meadowridge Road). Meadowridge is already a heavily traveled and dangerous, curvy, hilly road (two deaths to its name) that does not need additional office rush-hour traffic. Neighborhood roads like Old Stockbridge, Wesley Lane, Mayfield Avenue, Brightfield and Montgomery roads are not equipped to handle the amount of traffic that another office building or restaurant park would bring to the area.

The traffic pattern at Marshalee Drive and Montgomery Road has already been changed to two through lanes because of the additional commercial and residential development prior to and beyond the Timbers of Troy Golf Course. The massive shopping center being built at Routes 108 and 175 will no doubt add additional traffic to our already congested neighborhood streets.

The area surrounding this property is residential and should stay residential. [The] argument regarding noise from Route 100 is a moot point as there is a new senior citizen complex right across Route 100 and, at present, the project on the other side of Meadowridge Road is for upscale townhouses to be built even closer to Route 100. The small line of trees on our side is the buffer to any noise from Route 100. Reforestation (a.k.a. gounded twigs) is the biggest joke of them all.

The office and strip mall buildings at Route 100 and Snowden River Parkway are not close to residential homes. That corner is more suited for commercial development and, as we all know, there is more to come on the side that at present is still lush and green.

There are too many buildings with for-lease signs in our county, and there's not enough green space for wildlife and people to enjoy open and wooded spaces.

Maria Alvarez Ellicott City

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