Images of horror, hope

Memorable photos of 2005

December 25, 2005

Around the world, this has been a year of living dangerously.

From East Asia, Pakistan and India to Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, the images have been searing as brutal nature - in the form of storms, floods, earthquakes and the mother of all tsunamis - killed many thousands.

And if nature's toll weren't enough, people contributed to the mayhem, from terrorism in the Mideast and in London to urban violence in Baltimore and other American cities. Photos taken by Sun photographers haunted readers with powerful evidence from the carnage.

But there was hope - for Gary Sells and Iven Bailey, two homeless Baltimore high school students searching for a better life, and there were the aspirations of the Jasper family, immigrating to build a new life in a West Bank settlement, and hundreds of others captured for The Sun this year in moments of exuberance, faith, joy and love.

Photographs bring a newspaper alive in ways that can multiply the power of words, carrying readers to scenes far from home.

Here is a sampling from the best of the thousands of memorable images that contributed to the chronicle of life recorded by this newspaper in 2005.

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