Wrestling a student led to coach's firing

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Adam Seidman's firing as Reservoir High's wrestling coach on Thursday stemmed from an incident in practice the day before when the coach wrestled one of his wrestlers, Seidman and the wrestler's father said.

Patrick Kilcarr said Seidman "forced" his son, senior Payton Kilcarr, to wrestle him. "[Seidman] was throwing him around, called him `nothing but a waste,' " said Kilcarr, adding that his son "went off, told him, `You shouldn't be here as a coach,' and stormed out."

Kilcarr's son "cursed me out," Seidman said. "I consider myself an old-school coach as far as discipline, but when I'd try to discipline a kid, I'd get called into the principal's office."

Seidman, 30, is a former four-time Howard County wrestling champion who now weighs 192 pounds. Payton Kilcarr weighs 152. The fourth-year coach said he has sparred with his wrestlers and that no one has ever been injured.

"There's no place for inappropriate language on the part of the athlete or the coach in a practice or a game situation. As far as demonstrating moves, that's not inappropriate - someone has to show the moves," said River Hill coach Earl Lauer, 57, who is in his 35th and final season. "Full force, with wrestlers, maybe in years past that may have been an accepted practice. But legal liability issues being the way they are today, you're taking more of a chance than I'm willing to take as a current coach."

Patrick Kilcarr said Seidman "has berated" another one of his sons, a junior, since his freshman year, and that other parents have complained. The parents Kilcarr spoke of declined to comment.

Donna Rau and Linda Solomon are among the parents who support Seidman. But Rau, who said she witnessed Wednesday's incident, said "the problem isn't Adam," but that Kilcarr's sons are among "a few talented kids who believe they're above following the rules."

"It angers me that Adam may have been fired because he disciplined kids that skip practice and use foul language toward him," Solomon said.

Reservoir principal Adrianne Kaufman said she handled the situation in a manner that is in the best interest of the students, the team and the school in firing Seidman.

Assistant coach Ryan Kanaskie takes over the Gators.


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