The Kickoff

December 24, 2005

Good morning --Paul Johnson -- If a bowl-record 1,183 yards are gained by two teams and no one's awake to see it, is it really a bowl record?


"I couldn't decide between a Yankees or Marlins cap for my kid, but then I got a deal done when the Yankees agreed to pick up $7 of the $19.95."

Bob Hille

Sporting News columnist, on his experience shopping for the holidays

"They remind me of Jay Leno's TV ratings. I know the numbers are there, I know they're winning, but I just can't take them seriously."

Bill Simmons columnist, on the Seattle Seahawks

"I am firmly convinced that Peyton Manning audibles even when he goes into Starbucks and starts to order a latte. He points to the kid taking his order. Points to the one actually making the coffee. Steps back into the line. Then goes with a grande mochachino instead."

Mike Lupica

New York Daily News columnist

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