One version of shoe gadget leaves you without traction


Quick Takes

December 23, 2005|By MARY BETH REGAN

Sporting goods stores and catalogues are touting the Yaktrax shoe traction system as this year's perfect stocking stuffer. The product even was featured at an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Humble Masterpieces.

The problem is, sometimes it doesn't work.

The Yaktrax is a rubber contraption that slips over your regular shoes to keep you from slipping or sliding in snow or ice.

In theory, the product works because its rubberized double-diamond design and opposing metal coil offer incredible gripping power. But the Yaktrax sometimes flies off your foot. That will leave you fishing in the snow for rubber.

The basic product sells for $19.95.

If you're set on trying the Yaktrax, spend the extra money for Yaktrax Pro, for $27.95. It has a Velcro strap to keep it on your shoe.

Bottom Line: Unless you're willing to splurge on the more expensive model of Yaktrax, put your extra dollars toward a better pair of boots.

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