They Said It

The Kickoff

December 22, 2005

"While New England slept Tuesday night, [Johnny] Damon got into bed with the enemy. ... So now your Boston Red Sox have no center fielder, no shortstop, and no first baseman to go along with no Theo Epstein and no clue."

Dan Shaughnessy

The Boston Globe

"Even if they were going to send two guys at me, I was going to attack them and let them know I was coming after them and just send a message."

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers, after his 62-point game Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks

"That's the joy of coaching. It isn't 8-3. It isn't 10-1. It isn't 11-0. It isn't any of that stuff. It's, `Did you get the most out of your football team?' "

Joe Paterno

Penn State coach

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