Some alluring gifts


Destination Outdoors

December 22, 2005|By CANDUS THOMSON

Fishing for a last-minute stocking stuffer for the angler in your home?

Lures of all shapes and sizes are welcome gifts whether they're a saltwater or a freshwater angler.

Rapala, one of the premier lure manufacturers, makes an "X-Rap" series that cuts and darts just like a bait fish and comes in 13 freshwater and 12 saltwater patterns.

There is the "D-T" series, designed by David Fritts, 1994 Bassmaster Classic winner and a crankbait wizard. The lure's lip zips it into the strike zone, where it rattles and wiggles from side to side like Carmen Miranda. Fritts can cast one of these balsa-wood babies 150 feet, but even weekend warriors will notice a difference. It comes in six patterns.

Last but not least is Rapala's update of the Original Floater, the "Twitchin' Rap," a shallow-water runner and grass-bed glider. The lipless body wobbles better than Sidney Ponson on a Saturday night and fools predators with its wounded minnow schtick.

The lures run about $6.

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