They Said It

December 21, 2005

"I don't know how he can be underrated. How do you underrate a guy who's had 1,500 yards two years in a row? With what he's meant to the team? He is certainly not underrated around here."

Tom Coughlin

New York Giants coach, on running back Tiki Barber (above)

"He always is going to say something about the losing streak we have as far as the bowl game is concerned. Whenever he remembers, he comes and throws it at us. He's even thrown it at us when we're in the huddle sometimes."

Darius Walker

Notre Dame running back, on how coach Charlie Weis reminds the Irish about going 12 years without a bowl win

"Annoying to you maybe, but now everyone in Little League is doing it."

Nomar Garciaparra

New Los Angeles Dodger, responding to a reporter's assertion that his game-delaying habit of readjusting his batting gloves between pitches is annoying

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