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December 20, 2005

Bush now slouches toward dictatorship

It's time to impeach President Bush. The president has, in effect, declared that he is above the law and Congress is morally, historically and constitutionally bound to challenge this assertion ("Bush admits he OK'd spying in U.S.," Dec. 18).

s Legislation Committee.

Superior schooling makes China a rival

Any thinking American should be terrified by the editorial "High-tech China"(Dec. 18), which chillingly points out the threat to us both economically and militarily from China's superior teaching of science and math in its schools.

After reading the editorial, one is naturally led to ask, "How many Chinese schools are teaching `Intelligent Design'?"

Sol Goodman


Death penalty is a just punishment

The execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams constitutes an equitable and justifiable application of the death penalty ("Death penalty debate focuses on redemption," Dec. 13).

The death penalty is needed to protect a civilized society. Elimination of the death penalty would lead to a barbaric society.

It is because we are beings made in the image of God that the death penalty should be required. Those who willfully take the life of another must sacrifice their own lives.

It is because life is precious that this punishment should be brought against premeditated murderers.

If there are inequities in due process, revisions in the judicial system are needed --not the removal of the death penalty.

Some killing is unjust and we call it "murder."

Other killing is just -- and this we might call "self-defense" in some cases and "just punishment" in others.

Steve Cornell

Millersville, Pa.

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