Question Of The Day

December 19, 2005

What would the Ravens' record be if Brett Favre were their quarterback this season?

We would have won a lot of games if Brett Favre were our quarterback. Kyle Boller can't find his way out of a paper bag. Kyle Boller has to go.

Gerald A. Yamin


Billick would not be accused of making bad decisions. The experience and tenaciousness of Favre would have removed the decision-making process. Favre would've been the leader, and the team would have ridden his arm and character to the playoffs - 10-4 after a win Monday against Brett's ex-teammates.

George Warner


Not much better. We can't run the football. Look what happened to Favre when he lost Ahman Green. He wasn't able to get the job done passing, and he's a superstar.

Ron Skopinski



Will yesterday's loss end up helping the Colts this season?

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