Team rankings

NFL Week


(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Colts (1)

Only thing that will deny unbeaten season is themselves.

2. Seahawks (2)

Road to NFC title will go through Seattle.

3. Bengals (3)

Carson Palmer learns another lesson, but a win is a win.

4. Broncos (4)

After emotional loss to K.C., Broncos eked by awful Ravens.

5. Buccaneers (12)

Chris Simms looked like his dad in a huge win.

6. Steelers (11)

Rediscovered winning formula: Run, run and run.

7. Giants (8)

Jay Feely finally comes up hero instead of zero.

8. Panthers (6)

NFC South race won't be decided until final week.

9. Bears (5)

Defense isn't in a class with '85 powerhouse.

10. Jaguars (9)

Made it interesting against Colts after bad start.

11. Patriots (13)

Defending champs have recovered from mediocre first half.

12. Cowboys (14)

Drew Bledsoe gets off the mat and delivers great performance.

13. Chargers (7)

Now it comes down to which team gets the wild card.

14. Chiefs (10)

Lawrence Tynes joins list of kickers who blew it at the end.

15. Vikings (15)

Brad Johnson for president!

16. Falcons (16)

Michael Vick suffers bruised ribs.

17. Redskins (17)

Three interceptions should have doomed Mark Brunell, but not this time.

18. Dolphins (18)

Since Nick Saban said he didn't care about winning, they have.

19. Rams (19)

Ryan Fitzpatrick's 15 minutes of fame are long gone.

20. Eagles (23)

It's official: They are out of the playoffs.

21. Browns (22)

Charlie Frye doesn't beat the Bengals but wins over Browns fans.

22. Ravens (25)

Bring out the worst in everyone.

23. Titans (27)

Rare win in painful rebuilding process.

24. Bills (20)

Eric Moulds comes back from suspension this week, but too late.

25. Cardinals (24)

The Dennis Green era looks like most others in Cardinals history.

26. Raiders (21)

Three more weeks for the Norv Turner era.

27. Lions (26)

Dick Jauron is no better than Steve Mariucci. Surprised?

28. Packers (29)

Are we watching Brett Favre's last three games?

29. Saints (28)

The nightmare continues.

30. Jets (30)

Seven-game losing streak is over.

31. 49ers (31)

Is Alex Smith a bust? The whispers are starting.

32. Texans (32)

Last-second field-goal miss keeps Reggie Bush hopes alive.


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