Other Notable Deaths


December 18, 2005

Rodney Whitaker, 74, a writer best known by one of his many pen names, Trevanian, who was the only writer of airport paperbacks to be compared to Emile Zola, Ian Fleming, Edgar Allan Poe and Geoffrey Chaucer, died Wednesday of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the West Country of England.

Trevanian's international bestsellers, mainly thrillers, include The Eiger Sanction (1972), which was made into a film starring Clint Eastwood; Shibumi (1979); and The Loo Sanction (1973). His 10 known published books sold more than 5 million copies and were translated into at least 14 languages.

James Ingo Freed, 75, an architect and partner of I.M. Pei, whose own buildings ranged from the provocatively somber Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to the sprawling crystal palace of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, died Thursday at his home in New York City of complications from Parkinson's disease.

Most recently, he worked on the U.S. Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va., now under construction, with three stainless-steel spires more than 200 feet high, its diverging arcs recalling the contrails of Air Force Thunderbirds.

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