She's the classiest rocker in classic rock radio

A Drink With Sarah Fleischer

December 18, 2005|By SLOANE BROWN

Sarah Fleischer, the mid-day on-air personality on Baltimore's classic rock radio station, 98 Rock, for 28 years, is a classic herself. Fleischer, the widowed mother of two daughters -- Katelyn, 20, and Meredith, 17 -- still retains her rocker chick chic status. We spoke with her at the Hon Bar in Hampden.

How do you stay such a hot mama?

I take care of myself. I work out five days a week. Women these days are aging gracefully. I think the job keeps me young. It's the nature of the business. We have listeners who have been with us since the beginning and I think they're very accepting [of me]. 98 Rock has been rocking people for so long. As long as I keep up with the time, and stay current, they're gonna listen. And I'm still having fun. That's the key.

But, you've got this really sexy persona ...

I don't try to be sexy. I think it's my voice, and how it comes across. I think people like it tonally. I don't consciously come to work and think, "Oh, I'm gonna be a hot, sexy mama today!"

Do you get sexy phone calls from male listeners?

Sometimes. You can play along. But, if they're young, I say, "I'm probably old enough to be your mom!"

And what's the response?

A nervous giggle. But, it's really cute when they call me "babe," or "hon."

Is it tough keeping up with the music trends?

I like all different kinds of music. I love rock. I do go to concerts. I go to Ram's Head a lot. I go to Recher Theatre. I was dying to see Audioslave. But, they were at the 9:30 Club in DC, and I had to get up at 6:30 the next day. I have two daughters; one in college, and one still with me at home. So, I'm not out every night. That could change next year, when she goes to college. I could become a wild woman again!



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